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this is the wave app you can download at apple app and google play. in mountain view, westbound 237, another update, the big rig is stalled there blocking the ramp to southbound 85 at least partly blocking. here is mike with a look at the forecast. >> thank you. good morning. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd and how dry it is this morning. there is moisture on the ground and just above it the form of fog in the north bay santa rosa and napa half a mile visibility and everyone else is fine this morning. now, today, our highs under total sunshine, they will be warmer at the coast and around the bay it will be bright and a town of haze but it is not "spare the air" and mid-60's to upper 60's. enjoy the warmth. kristen and eric? >> the world's most rabid apple fans are in san francisco for the start of mac world, and cornell bernard is live at
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mascone center where hollywood is represented there. >> the big show is back in san francisco in a few short hours and the doors will on for mac world. it is called the ultimate i fan event with lots of star power. mac world is one of san francisco's biggest trade shows, of course, and 30,000 people attending from all over the world. apple is no longer associated with mac world since 2009 but there is the next best thing, ashton kutcher will be here playing the late steve jobs in a new movie this spring. and, musicians "will i am" will be here talking about technology and gadgets, and such a history after 29 years and there be no more big rollouts, the i-fans
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are here and create the bigs and cannot wait to immerse themselves in everything mac. big bucks for san francisco $23 million in revenue over the three days and mac world wraps up on saturday. live in san francisco this morning. >> 24th year, parents of a missing teen and their supporters led a march through the streets of dublin. 100 people came out last night to remember eileen, the 13-year-old girl vanished walking home from middle school on her way to ice skating practice january 30, 1989. it is still an open and active case which they still reviewing. >> maybe someone could have some information that could come out, hopefully someone who knows something will see it and see that after 24 hours it is still
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the same whether it is 24 days, 24 months or 24 years, we want her home. thank you was a prayer service and the family hopes the attention to the kevin collins missing child case in san francisco will encourage people to help. we have new details reiteration the steps of a san francisco man suspected in the kevin collins case who was last seen in 1984 leaving basketball practice at st. agnes practice high school in haight-ashbury much the man being investigated known as kelly, lived blocks away in a duplex on masonic avenue. he is dead. on news the investigators dug up the basement looking for evidence and found bones now thought to be those of an animal. investigators are searching for a car that kelly used to own. abc7 news asked a lead investigator why police keep focusing on him.
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>> is he the strongest suspect you have? >> yes. yes he is. >> a source says investigators flew to canada to interview a man who lived with kelly at the time but they knew of no connection. >> a poll shows a record majority of california are on board with the idea of legalizing illegal immigrants a poll by the public policies institute of california found 53 percent in california view immigrants as a benefit because of their hard work. 76 percent say they support illegal immigrants can keep their jobs and achieving legal residency. >> activists are planning a naked protest in san francisco in defiance of city law. the protests start at noon at city hall, and people for the
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ethical treatment of animal are against the use of animal skin for clothing and activists have challenged an ordinance banning public nudity that goes into affect tomorrow. >> days before the super bowl, youngsters in new orleans are finding out firsthand that pro football is fun but harder than it looks and taking part in a skills challenge called the nfl experience and abc7 news reporter is live at the convention center to show us what that entails. >> good morning, eric, the nfl experience is here inside the convention center, it is massive, half a pile long, 850,000 square feet, and it is filled with endless football-related activity for fans and for family, and of course 49er fans came a long way for this experience. for some it is just the beginning of the cull by nation of the super bowls but for others it is as close to the super bowl as they will get. >> we are leaving on thursday, hopefully leaving on monday, if
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someone will give us some super bowl tickets. >> most likely he will return to san francisco without setting foot inside the superdome but for now he is adding red to a black and gold event. >> saint fans may outnumber 49ers but consider how were more work it nuclear for -- work for 49er fans to get here. >> our tickets were $950 face value. >> one family is here from chico, a season ticket holder since 1978 and nothing would stop her. her husband still cannot believe they made it. >> i don't think it sunk in yet. >> mom is team captain. >> mom was a mommer fan since i was born. it has been my team, too. >> joseph is taking full advantage of the expense. night catch. kids can run, throw, and kick. grown ups can soak up the blow of super bowl rings and the
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lombardi trophy andship for souvenirs. >> kaepernick, something that most cannot pronounce. >> lee is a southern transplant. better stop practicing, it is a name that will not go away. >> kaepernick is the key, he makes the offense go, he opens it up, and he has mobility. he has what it takes for the 49ers to be great. for many years to come. >> all of fun is not free. tickets to the experience are $25 for adults and $20 for kids and yesterday you got $5 off if you wore a saints jersey so that contributed to the black and gold on the inside. beyonce is holding a news conference this afternoon so we will be in and talk about the half time job and maybe about the inauguration controversy did she lip sync or not? we don't know, we will talk with her and we will have that in the evening show. live in new orleans, katie marzullo, for abc7.
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>> be sure to follow katie and our abc7 news team for the pest super -- for the best super bowl coverage, katie marzullo and larry beil and mike shun man and wayne freedman are tweeting the highlights. >> and now sue has traffic because we have a situation on 101 with lanes closed as a result of a big rig accident. >> thanks, guys. back do sunnyvale with a sig-alert in effect north 101 before fair oaks or near fair oaks, beyond the lawrence expressway, and slow traffic now, and we have a live shot so we will look. here is what happens, the big rig hit the guardrail and blew the fuel tank. you can see the debris in the lanes, the wood debris there, so c.h.p. is on the scene, with lots of emergency vehicles there, and the glimmer of good news is that two lanes are getting by and you can see the two left lanes passing by the
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scene again, north 101 sig-alert in affect. to avoid this altogether, 85 or 280 of the good alternate routes. we have no estimated time of re-opening, the sig-alert north 101 sunnyvale yale, -- sunnyvale area. mike? >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd from new orleans. yesterday we tracked severe weather headed for katie marzullo for the super bowl festivities. look how clear it is now. temperature is 38 degrees. we freak out when it is cold and they freak out because it is that cold. it is clear today. tomorrow, too. all the way through the weekend. temperatures will be normal by saturday, sunday, and monday. temperatures at night come up as we increase the humidity mid-to-upper 40's. at home we have temperatures in the 30's inland and to nearly 60
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by noon and low-to-mid 60's through the afternoon. the next three days temperatures will be near 70 and a few more clouds this weekend. >> more on our breaking news story, a big rig accident shut down lanes on highway 101 in sunnyvale and amy is live at the scene. amy? >> if you have to go northbound through sunnyvale, add some time. the flow is slow. i asked c.h.p. how long until all lanes are open and he says he has no idea. i said hours, he said "yes." look at mess. a guard rail is twisted. this is where the big rig hit and punctured the fume tank and caused the problems. it is not as if the truck is on its side. the problem is the fuel. he leaked 20 gallons do 30
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gallons on the highway so they need to clean that up but they cannot move it until they get the other 15 to 20 gallons inside his tank taken out. they have to pull it out of there somehow, drain it out of there before they can move the truck. that is what is taking them is much time. so they are staying hours and they have two lanes open and that is good news so traffic is moving but it is slow. there is a backup. this is at fair oaks, northbound, through sunnyvale on highway 101. the driver is okay with cuts and bruises the he told the officers someone cut him off and that is why he had the accident. >> next a california plan for keeping your children safe at school by arming the staff. >> the medicare reduction millions of people are
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> sue hall back do sunnyvale. this is north 101 before fair oaks a big rig took out a guardrail. you can see the debris great the guardrail still in the lanes. caltran is on the scene to clean it up. but c.h.p. has no estimated time of re-opening.
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they have to drain the fuel from the big rig. this could be throughout most of your morning commute. highway 85 or 280 is the best alternate to get around. you will find traffic stacked up backing just toward the lawrence expressway. eric? >> a group of republican state lawmakers think schools would be safer with armed school marshals at every campus under a bill introduceed in sacramento staffers from the janitor to principal could be secretly armed. many democrats do not like the bill. the sponsor says there is support among parents. >> if my children were in a look down situation i want teachers armed to defend them. i don't want my children to be helpless victims. >> we have laid off thousands of teachers the last couple of years why would we use the few school personal we have left to
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be armed guards when they could not always prevent shootings? >> individual school districts would decide whether to take part. school marshals would have to pass a background check to get a concealed weapons permit. >> there is a landmark deal with the state public utility commission after being ordered to shut down for operating a limousine service without authorization. two other companies were cited. the deal removes the fines and allows them to continue to operate while there are new regulations for ride sharing services in the state. lift will expand their service to los angeles starting today. >> forget "i got strikes." how about "i got stamps." johnny cash is getting his own postage stamp taken for "ring of fire" will be used and reaccept belled a record sleeve and be part of a new music icon series
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of stamps. a group picked 20 topics for starches out of 40,000 suggestions. we will keep you posted on the release date. >> now the latest on the sig-alert in the south bay. >> same situation with the lanes. >> two left lanes are getsing by -- getting by in the northbound direction and sig-alert in affect with traffic northbound stalled. a new accident west 580 slowing the commute from the central valley. still looking at 20-minute drive westbound toward the dublin/pleasanton area and we have a look at the drive times. if you are stuck in the traffic north 101, it is 15 minutes from 280 to 237 beyond the scene of the accident and highways 85 or 280 is the best alternate around the sig-alert northbound in sunnyvale. there is 880 commute leaving oakland past the colisieum and
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880 looking good from carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. >> thank you, sue. we will look at a dry live doppler 7 hd. the weather is quiet for the commute but we still are watching the fog in the north bay valley where it will stay for now. as far as temperatures, updated these with the 5:00 observation, napa is up a degree to 34. mid-to-upper 30's inland. low-to-mid 40's at san jose at 41 and oakland is 44 and antioch is 43 and san francisco is the warmest at 48. gilroy is close to frost at 34 degrees. the weekend will bring clouds with a wind solicit and chance of rain next week. temperatures from redwood city four degrees above average to
5:19 am
doubling digits in livermore when you hit 68 degrees that is 11 degrees warmer-than-average with sunsetting at 5:33 so you get more time to enjoy it. temperatures today are in the mid-to-upper 60's and oakland and fremont at 69 and santa rosa and napa the warm spots and richmond and san francisco and san jose at 67 along with concord. upper 60's to low 70's around the monterey bay and headed inland. we need some rain, the third most dry january ever recorded in san francisco, very dry in oakland and nearly three quarters of an inch in san jose so the weather has been upside down. temperature in the low-to-mid 60's this weekend and through monday and cooler on tuesday. you can see the chance of rain on thursday. have a good day. kristen and eric? >> mike, thank you. >> a dramatic issue off a san francisco beach after a woman tries to save her dog. >> a bay area amusement park is
5:20 am
going old school to bring new fun to park
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>> a woman is recovering from injuries suffered in a fall from a cliff along the san francisco coast. she tumbled 50' yesterday. this is the scene. you can see how steep the cliff is. authorities say the woman's dog went over first so she tried to scale the cliff to rescue the dog but fell to the beach. the woman broke her ankle but is expected to be okay and is lucky do be alive. >> if you are underwater with
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your mortgage help is come your way. >> prices for a super bowl ticket are going...down. >> down? >> down? >> enjoy jane king. >> more help could be on the way for underwater homeowners. members of congresses are ready to introduce bills that expand government-backed refinancing programs and if congress doesn't pass the measure the treasury department is planning to step in and pay for interest rate modifications if some struggling homeowners. if you are hoping to buy a forged property you have better luck in some cities than in others. florida is at the top of list for the best places for foreclosure deals right now. albany, and new york metro area are on the list and miami and el paso, next. s veil and -- silicon valley and honolulu are among the worst. super bowl xlvii prices are down
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12 percent which is almost 30 percent cheaper than a year ago. that is the bloomberg business report. >> just to bring your attention to the fact that the bay light installation is now off so the debting period is over for the morning. >> new bay bridge lights. >> right now an update on the 101 situation. >> we go back to sunnyvale, north 101 you can see the debris in the lanes, a big rig took out the guardrail spilling 30 gallons of fuel in the road and they have to redrain the rest of the fuel so this have no idea when it will be cleared up. you can see the two lanes getting by, the two left lanes are getting by. to avoid this use highway 280 or highway 85. this app shows the backup, the lawrence expressway backed up beyond that moving northbound beyond the scene of the accident. as we get the commute going in
5:25 am
full swing it is only going to get worse until they get the big rig out of there and c.h.p. is on the scene with it and caltran is leaning up the debris. and west 580 from the central valley at grant line you will find slow traffic here moving up and over the altamont pass. hopefully with better news, here is mike in the forecast. >> i have better news, sue. visibility improving in the north bay. not great but it is improveing. good news through santa rosa and novato and oakland and to san jose and inland with unlimited visibility at ten miles at san jose right now. the entire state is dry. radar not picking up a bit of moisture. total sunshine. the cool spot is eureka at 51 in the high country at 49 in tahoe and 50 in yosemite.
5:26 am
big sur is 67 and los angeles and palm spring and san diego low-to-mid 70's. kristen and eric? >> bay area nurses will not be helping patients today. a battle is sending them back to the picket line. >> the 49ers quaterback under fire for his comment on gays in the locker room. what?x1@@ú?
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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. the breaking news is in sunnyvale. amy is on the scene at 101 where this is big rig accident. >> the sig-alert is going on
5:29 am
now. amy? >> the traffic is slow. only two lanes are going through northbound 101 in sunnyvale at the fair oaks exit. it is moving so it is not doomsday. they kept two lanes open. you need to prepare or avoid the area if you can. we cannot tell you how long it will be. c.h.p. has a lot of work to get the situation cleaned up. it could take hours. if you can work your way around this, that is our advice. this is the result of a big rig accident. they have to clean up the fuel and drain the fuel. then tow it. it will be a while. big mess. avoid the area if you can. >> if that is your commute route, what are you going to do?
5:30 am
>> first of all, abc7 app showing where the traffic is backed up, the lawrence expressway just updated so you are looking at traffic back here , building. to avoid this use highway 85 or highway 280. this is available on apple's app show and google play. you heard amy hollyfield say no estimated time of re-opening because there is a lot of debris in the lanes and the big rig is still there. >> a look at dry weather on live doppler 7 hd. keep the umbrella away again. no real worries weather-wise to get around other than fog that is moving around the north bay. the visibility could be down do
5:31 am
half a mile. it is showing wind blowing from land to sea keeping the clouds away and the temperatures above average. starting off cooler this morning, mid-30's inland to mid-40's and warmer temperatures this afternoon from around 61 to 69 and delightful evening at 49 to 54. enjoy it. kristener and eric? >> a few days to go until super bowl sunday and new orleans is trying to keep order. now to the big easy. katie, what kind of security precautions are in place? >> very massive. security is no small matter here. the secretary of homeland security came to town to personally assure everyone the city and the game will be safe. napolitano says t.s.a. is clearing the airspace and all
5:32 am
cargo is checked and the waterways are secured. but authorities are asking fans, people who are here, regular citizens, to chip in. >> new orleans is a wonderful city and is a wonderful host to this year's super bowl. >> there are 1,200 police officers and 4,000 private security officers hired by the nfl. they will work with state and federal agencies to keep everyone safe and security. law enforcement is cracking down on counterfeiting. >> the rule is buyer beware. buying tickets from unknown third parties is risky. >> if you have real tickets guard them. everyone is asked to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. >> if people are just aware and you see something amiss, report it to one of the many law enforcement officials that are
5:33 am
present. >> anyone entering the superdome goes through a metal detector and the bags are x-rayed. >> i can tell you without a doubt to week this is no safer place to be than the city of new orleans. >> the nfl says security is a moderate inconvenience for fans but a small price to play but i.c.e. say there have been no credible threats. >> katie marzullo will have the best super bowl coverage along with larry beil and mike shun man and wayne freedman tweeting behind the scenes stuff and we will tweet the highlights. >> 49ers defensive back culliver will address the media to talk about the controversial antigay remarks he made to a
5:34 am
radio radio shack -- shock job saying there is no rook for discrimination in their organization, and culliver issued a written statement of apology, as well. >> san francisco police are hoping a photo will help them find the man investigators say stabbed a woman after attempting a sexual assault. police say ricky choked the woman and stabbed her when she resisted in january. he weighs 1810 -- weighs 180 pounds and is probably armed. his license plate is on the screen kuman77. >> information on the c.h.p.
5:35 am
agreement to patrol oakland streets. they want to be paid to extend the service beyond tomorrow. now c.h.p. says they will continue to work with the city for another 30 days. there is no word whether oakland will have to bay for that extension. officers have made 87 felony arrests in 90 days of patrols in oakland. >> a poll shows people in california are the most optimistic since before the recession and governor brown gets the highest approval rating since taking office at 51 percent after the announcement of a state budget surplus. the same percentage think california is headed in the right direction. experts also expect the golden state to outperform the nation as a whole in 2013. last time consumer confidence was this high was in again 20. >> budget cuts are forcing san mateo county to close courts and cut staff. they reduced the trial court workforce by 30 percent last year cutting back on clerk hours. now the majority of court
5:36 am
services in south san francisco and san mateo will be suspended and five courtrooms will close entirely. 25 employees could lose jobs. five court commissioners could be gone by july. >> registered nurses are planning a rally and protest today in vallejo after a one day strike at nine hospitals on christmas eve, officials threatened nurses with discipline if they walked out. they say sutter issued warning letters for all nurse whose did not show up the day of the strike even if they had that day off. california nurses association filed a formal complaint with the national labor relations board and will picket in vallejo between 11 and 2:00. >> we have paid close attention to the sig-alert in sunnyvale on 101. now is when people get busy in silicon valley trying to travel the corridor so although it is not a big problem...maybe now.
5:37 am
>> it is still blocking lanes and as the commute is underway we will see the backup increasing. this is north 101 fair oaks with two left lanes getting but the debris is still in the lanes with a big rig took out the guardrail and it got a punctured fuel tank. it will be quite some time before this is out of there. the alternate route, here is the backup right here and that will only increase as we go through the morning so the alternate routes are highway 85 or highway 280 to get around this. again, in estimated time of re-opening. it is good commute if you travel southbound 680 through walnut creek. the conserve at north main moving to 24 everyone is at the limit. that is the good news. it is not all bad.
5:38 am
mike? >> we will start with new orleans radar showing how clear it is now that the canadian arctic air mass has plunged into new orleans. it is now 34. yesterday at this time it was 74 degrees with 95 percent humidity. things have changed! it will not be so cool tomorrow at 61 degrees and in the mid-60's all week with sunny conditions and notice the morning lows when you know the humidity will return. temperatures will be in the mid-to-upper 40's so it will be nice to be outside no matter where you are in the french quarter. or magazine treat. all the wonderful places that katie has shown us. near 60 for noon. low-to-mid 60's most of the afternoon. we will spike at 1:00 o'clock or 2:00, and be there again tomorrow and cooler saturday and sunday with a few more clouds and low-to-mid 60's. kristen and eric?
5:39 am
>> thank you, mike. >> kate middleton is then for her beauty and fashion sense. listen to this. the extreme steps some women are taking to actually look like the royal duchess. >> but, first, the san francisco archbishop known for strong views on homosexuality is not holding back and what he is saying about same-sex marriage that has upsetñ!ñkñcús
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 5:43. san francisco archbishop this morning is causing a stir with comments he made of same-sex marriage. according to the huffington post, he told the catholic herald gay marriage is a natural impossibility and should rarely be used. he says legislating for the rights for people for the same sex to marry is like legalizing male breast feeding. he also told the catholic newspaper this week that fighting to protect traditional marriage is god's gift for this generation. >> the academy of art university in san francisco has until today to meet building code
5:43 am
requirements or pay big fines. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the city recently issued violation notices if 22 properties owned by the school. the problems include operating a school out of buildings designated for commercial businesses and converting residential hotels into student housing. documents show the academy of art university faces $26,000 in fees and more than $5,500 a day in fines if the deadline is not met. >> as 49er fevers reached the height there is no price too high for the 49er faithful to get up close. the san jose mercury nose reports that there are 900 seats at the new santa clara stadium at a price of $80,000 each. you may think they would not sell, but the team has sold 95 percent of them, the $80,000 and on top of the price for senator -- for season tickets but it gets you free food, drinks,
5:44 am
parking, sideline passes during the games. >> talking super bowl now with the big game three days away city leaders in san francisco are preparing for the aftermath on sunday if the 49ers win. the police chief, fire chief, and mayor all gathered at the broadcast center to record a public plea aimed at 49er fans. they are determined to keep the fans from getting carried away as some did after the world series for the super bowl city officials say they will be better prepared. >> we do not talk exact number of officers but i can tell you there will be twice as many officers working as there were after the world series. >> san francisco police will have sobriety checkpoints and roving d.w.i. prowls throughout the city. >> fans are getting creative. here is a fan's niner twit on a hit song. ♪ we are ready to pop the confetti ♪
5:45 am
♪ we will take it to the top, and pop ♪ >> that is don d and the song is "niners" and a re-make of a top 20 hit song "swimming pool." check it out at and click on see it on tv link. >> now, 5:46. more news for commuteers in the south bay, 101 is still blocked by the accident. >> sioux? >> we go back to sunnyvale, a live shot 101 northbound two left lanes are getting by here and the right lanes remain block, what happened this morning, much earlier, the big room took out a guardrail and amy is telling us that a car cut the big rig off and we had to swerve, the guardrail punctured the fuel tank so there is a fuel spill and there is wood debris
5:46 am
and there is no estimated time of re-opening, and our app shows the backup now beyond bowers headed northbound 101 so take 280 or aye to avoid this or download the free app to navigate the commute free at the apple app store, we have very light traffic and no metering lights. >> thank you. it is warm. very warm. warmer than yesterday. good morning, here is live doppler 7 hd the higher clouds are off the coast, and winds are blowing from the land to the ocean and we still have fog up north where the temperatures are 34 in napa and 36 in novato and mid-30's to mid-40's and low-to-mid 40's around the bay shore from 41 in san francisco and san francisco is 48 degrees. upper 30's to low 40's and the exception is gilroy at 34.
5:47 am
clouds this weekend and a chance of rain next wednesday, thursday, and friday. today the temperatures are the same in santa rosa and oakland from one to five degrees warmer in san jose, and concord and san francisco. we will hit the mid-to-upper 60's with 69 in oakland and fremont and napa and santa rosa and upper 60's to low 70's down around the monterey bay and inland. tonight, the temperatures are still mid-30's inland to low 40's and upper 30's to mid-40's at the bay similar to the coast and san francisco is warmest at 48. two areas of high pressure are dominating the weather but they are getting squeezed to the north but it will not penetrate it so we will be high and dry through the weekend. that is the great thing if you want to be outside but it is not great because we need the rain, the third driest january, ever, in san francisco at .49". we only had a third of an inch
5:48 am
in oakland. seven-day outlook shows temperature dropping in the low-to-mid 60's on saturday and hang out through thursday and upper 50's to 60's and a chance of rain on wednesday. have a great day. kristen and eric? >> 5:49. we are getting a new look at deadly storms pounding the south, and the storm continues to veer across several states yesterday killing two people with heavy winds and a tornado hit the town in georgia that destroyed homes and knocked out a plant. >> developing news from alabama where police are in a tense stand off with a gunman holding a boy hostage in an underground bunker which has been going on for 40 hours now and we have been following this. police say the 65-year-old is holding the boy since grabbing him off of a school bus on tuesday afternoon. he is a military veteran described as paranoid and combative. he walked on to the school bus and demanded a young child when the bus driver refused he shot
5:49 am
him and grabbed the five-year-old. priority number one is getting the boy out alive the. >> going under the knife, surgical steps some women are take telling look like britain's kate middleton. >> the san francisco brewery making a gamble on the super bowl. >> coming up at 6:00, a 7 on your side and consumer reports investigation, kitchen fires caused by microwaves. caused by microwaves. we show you the [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> it is 5:53. a coin worth five cents when it was minted could sell for $2.5 million this spring, a 1913 liberty head nickel one of only five. the u.s. officially switched to the buffalo head nickel that year but a worker at the mint is suspected of illegally making a handful of the old design on his own. later, this coin was found in a car wreck that killed its owner and then it was then into the bag of a closet and forgotten for decades. four siblings split the proceeds from the april auction. >> breweries on opposite sides of the country have now got a subsidy wager, involving san francisco based sang -- based anchor brewery, and on the east
5:53 am
side it is flying dog, and they will pour their brew for a week and they have to be decked out in the winners' colors for a week. >> the folks in baltimore will get a chance to enjoy anchor steam. >> north 101, two left lanes are getting by, still no clean up of the debris, caltran has been on the scene for some time and they have to get the big rig out. take 85 or 280 as the alternate routes. accident west 580, slowing things up and over the a -- altamont pass. bart and caltrain and muni on time, and caltrain is a great way to avoid the problem in
5:54 am
sunnyvale. >> welcome, everyone. our visibility is low in the north bay valley from a mile in napa to a mile and a quarter in novato and same in santa rosa. oakland, and sfo and san jose and inland in the east bay, unlinted this morning. the high pressure is dominating feature not a drop to be found on radar. in the south, low-to-mid 70's with mid-60's in the central valley and 50's in the high country. >> this morning, a dog that was lost four years ago is back home with his palo alto family. our media partner reports that oreo escaped from the yard when a gate was left open. on tuesday, an animal control officer found him wandering in daly city with a dislocated hip and a broken kneecap but the votes say he will be okay after a successful surgery. the peninsula humane society credits the reunion with the
5:55 am
family to a microchip implanted that was encorroded with the family information. >> doctors in england report a disturbing new trend involving kate middleton. plastic surgeons are getting lots of requests for women to milk them look like the duchess. the number of women asking do have her nose have tripled since 2011. she always looks happy and confident in photos. "good morning america" will have a lot more on the story at 7:00 this morning. >> this could sound counterintuitive but to avoid a heart attack could be to get married. doctorness finland analyzed 15,000 men and women with heart disease and unmarried men and women were almost two-thirds more likely to have a heart attack and less likely to survive one than married people. researchers think that married people could be more healthy and more likely to take medication and see their doctor. the study is published in
5:56 am
european journal of cardiology. >> next at 6:00 we are following breaking news from the south bay, a big rig crashes on 101 in sunnyvale. the clean up is head with major delays for drivers. >> the proud parents, jack and jackie harbaugh open up about what it is like to have the big what it is like to have the big game as a familydays of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime--
5:57 am
that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
5:58 am
>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> the breaking news is a severe traffic alert in the south bay. >> i am kristen sze. more detail now. a fuel spill in sunnyvale has closed three lanes of northbound 101 before the fair oaks avenue exit. the c.h.p. says the driver crashed before 3:00 a.m. hitting a guardrail before going off the roadway and striking a light
5:59 am
pole. the debris is still there and the lanes are blocked, traffic is getting by slowly. >> 30 gallons of fuel liked on to the roadway and that has been contained, with crews working now to clean it up. >> the left lane is open but it is causing a huge backup as you can see in the live pictures. now, we will check with sue following this all form for alternate routes. >> thanks. the two left lanes are open and that is good news. however, yes, it is very much backed up beyond the great america parkway, so, here is the scene, northbound, right near fair oaks and folks can take 85 or 280 to get around this accident and avoid the backup, now, and the abc7 app is updated so here is northbound 101 and there is the lawrence expressway so we are backed beyond that all the way here so the alternate, and i remind you that

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